Picture This!

Posted by Bill Kazman

Sep 2, 2014 8:00:00 AM

So you’re doing a site survey, installation, or support call and you’re tasked with taking lots of digital photos to document your visit. Photos might include the condition of the site at various locations, physical attributes of locations where equipment may be mounted, condition of wiring closets, type and orientation of racked equipment, building access for lifts and ladders, electrical panels, patch panels, wall construction, ceiling construction, partial or completed installations, and more. The photos are going to be used by remote solution engineers and project managers to create bills of materials, define scopes of work, validate work performance, communicate with their clients, and more.

The Challenge:

You are going to send a gallery of dozens of photos to your client. How can you quickly and easily label and organize them so the client understands what they are?

The Answer:

Before taking a picture or series of pictures of your subject targets, take a picture of a piece of paper in which you’ve jotted down in heavy marker the description of what you are about to take pictures of . . . e.g. "patch panel in manager’s office before install"; "patch panel in manager’s office after install"; "bank teller digital sign – completed install"; "customer waiting area digital sign – completed install"; and so on. Several pictures may follow each “description”. Before you start taking pictures of any target subjects, label the entire gallery with a title description . . . e.g. "Branch 401 Digital Signage installation, 7/20/2014".

This approach adds a few minutes to the total time required for the photo taking, but saves many hours on the back end trying to figure out which pictures are what, and trying to manually sort and rename files after you’ve left the site.

To save even more time, use an e-writer like the Boogie Board shown here.


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