Businesses nationwide are looking for cost effective networking and VoIP solutions for their offices and retail locations from a single trusted partner. In today’s cost-conscience economic environment, busy communications companies need to deliver these solutions without incurring the expense of hiring and flying technicians all over the country to install, upgrade or troubleshoot these solutions.

iTeam can be your seamless, nationwide supplier for delivering onsite installation and support services, generating incremental hardware and circuit sales while benefitting your customer with accelerated deployment timelines and shortened paths to ROI realization. 

iTeam Solutions for Communications Companies

iTeam’s Networking and VoIP Deployment Solutions are for implementing communications infrastructures and deploying new telephone systems for you and your customers. 

You can use iTeam’s Lifecycle Technology Solutions to install new equipment and retire or upgrade sub-standard and unsupportable hardware through our delivery of on-demand, catalog-based installation and support services for PCs, servers, displays, printers, routers, access points and other front office tools. 

You can use iTeam’s Digital Signage and Pro A/V Solutions to replace static signage with digital signage in common areas, such as break rooms, cafeterias, and department reception areas thereby improving internal communications.

The iTeam Difference

iTeam makes it easy and fast for you and your customers to get the services they need when they need them, while giving your customer operations and IT organization the peace of mind from knowing they will provide a superior professional services experience to their customers and clients.