The public expects the government to serve them in a manner consistent with their experiences in commercial enterprises. From the local DMV to the county court house to education on military bases, today’s technologically astute society demands an environment that is technologically progressive, and a medium where the message is dynamic, and presented on a larger, more pervasive scale. 

From interactive white boards on military bases to overhead projectors/screens in high school gymnasiums to digital signs in college cafeterias, iTeam understands the unique delivery and security requirements to quickly and professionally install and support technology in government and educational institutions.

iTeam Solutions for Government and Education

With iTeam’s Digital Signage and Pro A/V Solutions you can deploy digital signage to inform, guide, and entertain visitors at government facilities such as local, state, and national parks, Social Security offices, recruiting offices, and  court buildings.  And the campus experience can be enhanced through the use of digital menu boards in cafeterias, interactive multimedia technology in classrooms, and dynamic information and safety signs in common areas. 

Through our delivery of on-demand, catalog-based installation and support services, iTeam’s Lifecycle Technology Solutions will enable you to deploy new, and retire or upgrade sub-standard and unsupportable hardware including PCs, servers, displays, printers, routers, access points and other front office technologies. 

You can use iTeam’s Networking and VoIP Deployment Solutions to upgrade your communications infrastructure and deploy new cost effective telephone systems.

The iTeam Difference

iTeam makes it easy and fast for government facilities and educational institutions to get the services they need when they need them, while giving your IT organization and management the peace of mind from knowing your facility managers and staff will be receiving a superior professional services experience.