Hotels thrive on business travelers and frequent flyers who demand fast service, convenient on-location communications and information to guide them in unfamiliar surroundings. They want personalized service, starting with a welcoming message as they arrive and culminating in on-demand video in their rooms.  Hotel corporations grow through acquisition and new openings, and hotel executives require that newly purchased properties rapidly transition to the acquirer’s systems and brand image.To meet traveler and management requirements, hotels are employing new information technology and audio visual solutions.

iTeam rapidly deploys infrastructure technologies as well as wayfinders, digital signs and large screen televisions, and we have done so for many of the industry leaders.

iTeam Solutions for Hospitality

iTeam’s Digital Signage and Pro A/V Solutions can drive your success in reaping the benefits from dynamic digital signage such as: promoting restaurants and lounges, keeping guests informed of hotel activities and in touch with the outside world, customizing content for special events and groups, selling advertising, and extending content and entertainment beyond the lobby to event locations and guest rooms. 

iTeam’s Networking and VoIP Deployment Solutions can help with location readiness and deployment of new Internet-based telephone services. 

Through our delivery of on-demand, catalog-based installation and support services for point-of-sale, PC, server, printer, cabling, and local area networks, iTeam’s Lifecycle Technology Solutions can speed the integration and re-branding of newly purchased properties or newly built hotels.  

The iTeam Difference

iTeam makes it easy and fast for your property managers to get the services they need when they need them, while giving your IT organization and management the peace of mind from knowing they will get a superior professional services experience.