Large Regional Electricity Supply Company


Company-wide Digital Signage Deployment for Safety Application


Receive equipment from multiple vendors, kit for each facility, schedule 58 facilities, hand deliver the equipment, then install electrical outlets, data cables, flat panel displays, transmitter/receiver combos and media players to drive lifesaving safety information to over 300 screens.


Using two teams for the wiring and two teams for the equipment installation and testing, working mostly after business hours, the 58 locations were completed in two months. 



As a result of an employee’s on-the-job adverse safety experience, the Utility, which provides 14 million people with electricity across a service territory of approximately 50,000 square miles, decided to implement a new safety program.  The program included the real-time delivery of critical lifesaving information to employees in all of their facilities.  .

The Requirements

After utilizing three installation vendors, one for electrical, one for data cable runs and iTeam for digital signage, during their 15 facility pilot, the Utility recognized that they could reduce costs and improve the quality and timeliness of the company-wide deployment if they could find a single company to execute all installation elements of the project.    

The Utility needed a company that could:

  1. Receive, warehouse, kit and deliver the appropriate equipment for each facility
  2. Provide multiple teams of highly-skilled OSHA class III trained and certified high voltage, low voltage and digital signage technicians
  3. Schedule and complete the work after normal business hours
  4. Complete the entire deployment in a two month timeframe
  5. Offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

The answer was Service-as-a-Product™ from iTeam.

Scope & Activities

The digital signage solution provider created a configuration diagram for each of the Utility company facilities. They also arranged to have the equipment shipped to the iTeam warehouse. iTeam assembled multiple teams of two technicians to install the electrical and Cat5 plenum as well as the digital signs, which included media players, transmitters & receivers, mounts and screens. After receiving the equipment, iTeam kitted per the location diagram, scheduled the technicians, and ordered the lifts for the locations with extra high ceilings. The first night the technicians completed the electrical and data runs, including conduit where required. The next night the digital signage equipment was transported, installed and tested. After testing and prior to leaving the site, the iTeam digital signage technicians received a release code from the Network Operations Center (NOC).


The technology consisted of ~300 displays and ~120 media players. The largest number of displays installed at any one facility was sixteen (16).  The fewest was one (1). The average was five (5). The displays ranged in size from 47” to 65.”  They were mounted on a combination of flat, tilt and articulating arm wall mounts.  


The installation part of the deployment was completed in two months with no disruption to the Utility company staff. The company’s Chief Safety Officer was extremely pleased with how quickly and professionally the work was done.