Networking & VoIP

To stay competitive, leading organizations are focusing on building a network and communications infrastructure that is simple, agile and secure. This approach enables them to get the true innovative services, applications and capabilities of technology that can improve every facet of business performance.  But for highly distributed enterprises that lack internal readiness and/or deployment resources, taking advantage of the latest networking and VoIP technologies can be a daunting task.  That’s where iTeam’s Networking and VoIP contingent workforce solutions can help.



From a Single Location to Large-Scale Multi-Location Projects

Utilizing our coningent workforce solutions approach, iTeam can ready locations and deploy networking and VoIP technologies from a single location to large-scale multi-location projects with efficiency and high repeatability.  iTeam’s approach is based on the delivery of on-demand, catalog-based networking and VoIP installation and support services which include site surveys, carrier site readiness, onsite installation and support.  Our flexible, process-driven deployment model takes total responsibility for onsite activities or can fill in resource gaps in client’s project and operations teams.  iTeam’s collaborative project management tools facilitate multi-constituency (vendor, headquarters, services, sites) deployment teams.

iTeam's Networking &VoIP Solution Includes:

Onsite Installation and Support

  • Services for VoIP phone systems, paging, routers, switches, wireless access points, backboards, racking, cabling, training and more
  • Fixed price
  • Defined scopes of work
  • Delivered nationwide 7x24

Carrier Site Readiness

  • Remediate site prerequisites for carrier fiber installs
  • Comprehensive suite of services to fill the gap between current site condition and carrier requirements
  • Walk the site and quote
  • Obtain client approval/order
  • Permitting as necessary
  • Scheduling
  • Service completion
  • Request-to-completion can be executed in volume without delay to carrier circuit install

Site Surveys

  • Take pictures of location
  • Inventory all equipment
  • Validate physical paths are adequate to support equipment delivery
  • Verify cable paths and patch panels have sufficient space to support the additional drops
  • Review site power availability
  • Document above and deliver to client