The iTeam Difference





iTeam has invested millions of dollars in R&D to develop an advanced system of productization and structured management applied to the contingent workforce resource selection, work delivery process, and work product.  We utilize a combination of proprietary software, knowledge bases, vetting techniques, and process optimization methods that offer enterprises a better way to utilize contingent labor to deliver on-premise technology services. By anticipating the common things that go wrong in an on-premise event and building proactive steps into our delivery engine to mitigate them before they occur, our exception rates are 10x-20x lower than traditional workforce management approaches.  iTeam's contingent workforce solutions are being used by leading companies to deliver high volume, nationwide technology deployments with predictable cost, consistent quality, and high customer satisfaction.


iTeam Leaves Little to Chance

Traditional contingent workforce approaches rely on the individual experiences and delivery preferences of each technician, and then “hope for the best” with respect to technology deployment and support outcomes.  Our contingent workforce approach leaves little to chance with a detailed end-to-end process that optimizes consistency and quality across one or multiple events.  It begins with the “productization” of the delivery and installation/support protocols, developing and documenting best practice approaches to the work being provided.  Then a pre-installation readiness assessment is performed at each installation location to collect the site specific nuances.  This site-specific information is combined with a standard scope and best-practices protocol to create precise and unique statements-of-work (SOW’s) and technician work orders for each and every location.  SOW’s are provided to site contacts, and work orders are electronically routed to our professional technicians to initiate the on-premise delivery.  A Service Advisor oversees each event from onset to completion, interacting with the site contact, technician and project management to ensure a successful completion.  The Service Advisor tracks the progress of each service event and facilitates any situation that may come up in the field.  We utilize proprietary iPlatform software to execute with efficiency and comprehensive detail.  Our technicians deliver the service as described in the productized work order, and alert the Service Advisor immediately with any impediments that would preclude doing so; we strongly discourage “free lancing” or creative activity by our field techs, unless we’ve tasked them specifically with an open ended troubleshooting task. The result is higher quality and increased customer satisfaction.

At first glance, all of this meticulous process and execution may sound expensive, but it is not.  Because of the efficiencies and automation support built-in to our proprietary underlying iPlatform infrastructure, it has proven to be more economical than traditional models.

iTeam's Approach is More Economical

Companies that utilize iTeam often tell us that our expectation setting, responsiveness, communications level, service quality and attention to detail are significantly better than other workforce management approaches that they've experienced.  They also tell us that when they compare the overall cost (service price, service event overhead/management time, remediation time, and user satisfaction) of iTeam with that of other approaches, iTeam is significantly more economical.